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Principal's Message

Dear Tinker School Community,
No matter how much things may change from year-to-year, there are some things that remain the same. For example, our Tinker Tiger motto holds true every year:
A Tinker Tiger R.O.A.R.S. We are Tinker Tigers. We are Respectul, Organized, Academic, Responsible and Safe.
Here at Tinker, these are more than just words, they are a way of life which we strive to instill in our students as we prepare them for academic achievement and overall success. As students learn and grow their skills, talents and abilities, they are encouraged to take on leadership roles (big and small) to make their school and their community a better place. 
Each year, we strive to ensure that all our students and their families feel like valued members of the school community, and we build solid relationships within our surrounding community to provide a strong network of support for our students and their families. To be sure students have every opportunity to build on their academic knowledge, meet expectations, make growth and meet personal goals, there are some key areas of focus: attendance, academic growth targets, and social emotional learning (SEL). 
  • Students need to be on time and present every day. When students don't attend on a regular basis, it is difficult for them to make progress. The school is committed to making sure all our students have great attendance. 
  • We value our parents/guardians as partners and will work together to help every student do their very best each day! 

Academic Growth Targets:

  • Along with grade level standards and expectations, there are individual growth targets for core subject areas. 
  • Instructional focuses are developed for students with personalized academic supports to help students meet goals and growth targets. 
  • Formal and informal assessments are used to identify student needs, create learning plans, and track growth. 
  • We acknowledge and celebrate student growth and share achievements with families. 
Social Emotional Learning (SEL): 
  • We focus on social emotional learning and building character skills as well as academics. 
  • We value a safe and nurturing environment and teach skills students need to self-regulate and problem-solve. 
  • We use an interactive approach to SEL, including community-building morning circles. 
  • We provide positive interventions to behaviors, including redirecting/reteaching and restorative practices. 

We are excited to embrace change each school year, which provides us with the opportunity to do new and amazing things, while continuinng to maintain the wonderful focuses and operations we already have in place as we provide the best opportunities for our students to learn, lead, and change the world! 

Be on the look for our "" Tinker Tigers and all the amazing things they will do! 

Ryan Sullivan, Principal